January 15, 2013

Draw 'til you drop - figure drawing Day 2, morning session

It was tough to get up and out of bed the next morning, but when I did I was super stoked to be undertaking another full day of drawing the figure.  We began with "Diane" and some quick 1 min gestural drawings.
I started by using the side of a 3B graphite pencil.
Then used various Copic markers, because you have to commit when using ink.
Then we did some two minute poses. I like the right one with the arching back.
 Some other quickies to establish the poses in a short period of time.
 Some 5 minute poses in compressed charcoal and red pencil.
Followed by some 5 min. ones that I did in a variety of ink.
What a way to warm up on the first session....back to materials that blend easy.
This lying down pose was done with vine charcoal.
The next were 10 - 15 min poses, done in red pencil. See the reflection in the mirror?
The mirror adds a really nice element and challenge to the task of drawing.
I did this one in Copic multi-liner and brush pen.
Here is the finished page while in the morning session =:D

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