January 27, 2013

Airbrushing workshop

I attended a 3 hour introductory workshop to airbrushing at Swinton's.
I brought my Iwata HP -CH airbrush and got to try a few others like the black Aztec above.
Here is a photo of the notes I took during the demonstrations.
We began with getting the proper flow and creating some dots and lines using the dual action feature on the airbrush.
Then we worked on dagger strokes and playing with the distance and flow of the paint in the airbrush.
We then worked on blending two colours. The paper was a bit unforgiving though.
So I moved onto card stock, I did a blend from bottom to top of yellow.
I blended to red and then topped it off with blue at the top.
I decided to dabble in a bit of the opaque white.
I made two cheesy 80'2 style tests, but my dagger strokes on the palm trees definitely needed more practice. I also vignetted the larger of the two test panels.
Here is the instructor Vince showing another participant how dagger strokes are done.
Here is his demonstration board. He made it look easier than it really is. 8+ years of experience does that.
I did some more practice and experimentation.
The final demo was on the use of stencils, we made space scenes with cut out circles.
Here is the start of my space scene. I like the star burst made with 4 taped together business cards as a stencil.  I sprayed the corner of one of the cards at an angle and held it close to the surface to create the star pattern.
Did some different patterning with the example stencils. We finished up the workshop with  dismantling the airbrush and proper clean up.