January 13, 2013

Draw 'til you drop - figure drawing Day 1

Who gets up this early on a Saturday morning, well clearly a lot of artists determined to improve their craft.
 The early session began with Charlie and some quick warm up gestural sketches in my sketchbook. I used a red Stadford animation pencil and a little vine charcoal.
Here are a few more longer poses, the one at the bottom of the page is done in yellow highlighter. I also did a coloured male seated and a laying pose not included in this blog.
This model pose was also coloured with Copic markers in the last remaining 5 min of the pose.
This pose was sketched in vine charcoal on large format bound watercolour paper.
Here is a large charcoal drawing Charlie on canvas paper. I am focusing more on my values while keeping proper proportions while at this week-end drawing extravaganza.

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