December 30, 2012

Notes from Martinho's workshop

During some New Year's clean up I deleted a bunch of files containing my notes from MArtinho's painting workshop last spring.

Here they are in their entirety:

Painting workshop

Day 1

Burnt umber and white value of 6- cobalt drier and solvent
Solid shadows

Calcium carbonate (marble dust) to make whites opaque. with titanium to help give it more umph 1-0.85

Shadows - black and yellow ochre

Background mid tone - black and yellow ochre and a touch of emerald green

More solid shadows and background
Blueish ground blur the line between the two

Peek thru a finger hole to get color relationship to flesh palette!

Flesh - red umber and white
Blend the meeting line a bit

Fill in other mid light tones

Palette & flesh ball!
White, yo, red, Indian/venetian, (make an orange) then add white for flesh, red umber, burnt umber , raw umber, black

Day 2: fall of light

Dark at bottom of legs paint up like a flat cardboard cut out.

Shade the background and floor

Bought a litany of 50 cent brushes and got a free travel case.

Photo demo in the afternoon.

Head photo, 25 cm.
Printed out in colour.

Priming a canvas with big car wash super sponge and lead white paint.

Light sand - wipe off with a damp cloth.

Bring painting home and leave in warm truck can to speed up drying time.

day 3

Oil in, first painting, model the largest forms in the round

Lesson of the day:
More paint!!!
After all (paint is cheap)

Punching shadows a bit
Lighten up the background


Day 4

Oil in- this process is done onto dry oil to bring the color back

Fairfield Iowa- marahashi

Scottish portrait painter- sir Henry Raeburn


Day 5, work one area with second stage painting.

Working on legs, bumping up the chroma using more Persian once it is pulled out can see the uses of a more closely resembled hue

campatura-wet sand the poison surface and Rubbed in thinned burnt umber.

You got to know when to quit,

I'm happy where I'm at, time to quit while I'm ahead.

last day of the sale, I succumbed to some more purchases!

Tab aret - rolling cabinet.

Things to buy:
Cobalt drier
Buy a color and tone chart
For reference and photography

Black mirror. Red plexiglas or other optical enhancer.

Good brushes: Rosemary and company. England. Mongoose finishing, series 276 finishing.

Download: the book of wealth


Painting workshop - week 2

Starting a new portrait

1) Tracing with high and low points, small straight lines rather than curved ones that are inaccurate

2) Charcoal the back of the tracing paper. Align the tracing to layout the composition. Trace back over on top of the line to transfer the outline to the support underneath.

3) block in shadows, burnt umber and white! First draw in the lines with. The paint thinned with mineral spirits. Then begin dead coloring. Starting With the shadow.

3) followed by the midtone in the lit side. Fill in the background mid tone.
Made of flesh tone (red + ochre + white) plus some Red Umber. The background is black with  yellow ochre and a bit of white. The background tone could have been thicker but I will be going over it again.

----lunch break

Printed out a black and white reference at home

Traces, Transferred and inked.

Put in the dead coloring, major shapes of shadows and lights.

Background and cloth blocked in.

I really like working on the texture of the prepared surface.


Big form modeling
Basic flesh color
But turning
Planes of the head
Red umber and white is a good place to start near the bed bug line
A little bit lighter than the shadows
Just a bit of 3:1 medium

Making the head into a flesh ball


Have two turps one for first clean and another for second back into paints that is cleaner.

More chroma, guard against inadvertent greying of the tones.

Week 2 - day 3

After big form modeling work on the planes of the face

Oil in both canvases and set up my palette put about an hour setting up making tones to work from and finding the shifts and planes. Pic of palette

Worked on piece until the lunchbreak.
Then, excitedly ran over to the holy smoke for a man which sandwich and some fantastic chili con carne, stuffed, drowsy and needing some java I continued back on my girl portrait doing the shaping of the larger planes.

Went back into my self portrait and worked on creating some form in the shirt. That button sharply grabs the attention.


Week 2 - day 4

Regular start, oil in, chat, 1 damar : 1 oil.

The most important thing I've found laying out the palette.

Revising the shadows for the girl, really starting to "see" the values. Mixing Persian red straight in, surprising how much oil can handle.

Doc: why beauty matters. Culture counts, book.
Local color - movie
Caesar santos - Cuban American in Miami


Final day of workshop,

Oil in,
Rework the girls face cause I like torturing myself to understand this value scale and palette system.

Chateau artiste
Krauser P U A

Finding it challenging
Now it's starting to come together
Build you up and break you down
Process - be a man!

lunch time - helped Darryl with his HD camera here is the empty classroom at lunch.

Charles Bargue book
 on amazon

- kept working,

Broken colour background:

movement of tone in background,

Mix up 3 values: low, mid , high (big middle circle (first shot)

Break the colour into yellow and blue and mix both a higher chroma and a lower chroma of both
Ex: low chroma blue add a bit of black and maybe some white. Yellow is raw umber.


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