December 28, 2012

Model Mayhem

I have a 3 month residency coming up in the new year with the CAOS, Calgary Animated Object Society. I hit the studio and picked up some of my collection of models to be made. I began some assembly on two kits.
I began with a Caribbean pirate ship. Breaking off the parts that I need and sanding off the tabs of each. I have a bunch of paints collected over the years and some other good supplies for model making. I put together the top deck and painted it with dark tan enamel.
I connected all the hull parts and used clamps and a ribbon to keep the pieces together as the glue dried.
I added on the back of the hull. It was tough to get the parts to fit exactly and I have some annoying glue spots and areas that need filling. Luckily, by the end of the process it is the paint that is going to make the difference.
While waiting for parts to dry I also worked on these Chasmosaurus models made by Tamiya. These need a bit of filling in the seams and sanding and they are ready to be painted.

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