October 15, 2012


A while back I posted some of the development on this painting. It has come a far way since then, here is some of the work completed.

I didn't like how the background colors were reading. In an act of defiance, I painted the stripes with an oiled down zinc white. I then filled a spritzer with mineral spirits and sprayed down the entire surface allowing it to flow like milk all over the painting.
Here is the new palette I created to do further work on the skin.
O began adding back in the shadows and brightest highlights first.
This gives an idea how much brighter the new skin tone glows on the painting.
I painted the planes of light to bring out the shapes of the hands and arms.
The development of the leg and knee, which I later blended and softened.
Here is the right hand over the banjo, allowing some of the under painting to define some of the shapes.  There is still much more that was done so keep posted and come see the ork in person at Stride Gallery on October 26th.


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