October 12, 2012

LAKSHIMI - flower power

I added floral elements to the Lakshimi painting. First, I sketched the flowers out on paper and applied charcoal to the reverse side. Then I placed the images on the canvas and traced over the drawing thus applying the image onto the surface.
 I clear coated the charcoal transfer so that it would not smudge. Then I drew in the flower with a red sharpie marker.
Using my light table I traced a the same flower in reverse for the opposing side. I followed the same technique to apply the image, as above.
I filled in the flower with soft pink hues, the same I used on saraswati's skin.
I filled the second flower with the darker tones of the same pink scale.
Here is the painting in progress hanging on the back wall of my studio. I added a lotus petal below her, sketched and transferred in charcoal as above then outlined in red sharpie marker.
I painted in the petals  with the same pink hues used in the flowers above. I put them in loosely and allowed the bottom to remain unfinished to reveal my process.

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