October 16, 2012

SARASWATI - lotus throne and hair

I worked again until the wee hours of the night. The neighboring studios are silent and still, I have the whole space to myself. It is tranquil.
I continue my work on the glowing red skin of Saraswati.
I paint in the chrome areas and frets of the banjo as well as on the simple pieces of jewellery this goddess wears.  I am not going to paint in the strings since they are so thin.
I begin painting in her lotus throne. The tones I select remind me of an acorn. the petals spew out from underneath her giving her a stable seat.
I outline her body in a pure hue of red. It gives gentle emphasis to her form with a softly blended brush and I put in some details to the face and limbs.
I block in her thick dread locks of hair and anticipate my next visit.
I received an invite for my exhibition from Stride in the mail. The printing came out dark. Irregardless, it feels great to have one in my hand, so for that reason, they look fantastic!

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