October 14, 2012

LAKSHIMI background

I am constantly working on many pieces at once, but since I have recently been writing about one piece in particular, I thought I'd finish it off. There is more work being done, but to see it you will have to go to my opening and see the work in person at the Stride Gallery starting October 26th.
I used a thin and pure Alizarin crimson right out of the tube to paint in the drapery. This allows it to be somewhat translucent over the skin and yellow background. I then did some details on the jewellery.
The next session, I began in with a creamy blue grey to go with the owners condo walls, made with Bob Ross mountain mix that I bought on discount and Titanium white. I scrubbed it in roughly and outlined a halo like area where the colour would be lighter.
Here I continue with the work and add in the lighter tone. I continue to work but leave some of the underpainting exposed and take my time around the delicate petals.
Here is a shot with the completed background. The work is at the back corner of my studio and some of the other stuff I am working on can also be seen.

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