October 19, 2012

KRISHNA creation + Horror 3 show

A peek at the self portrait I've been developing the past while.
We start with a charcoal sketch on the canvas of me playing the flute.
I ended up not liking the original legs I drew in. I decided to go with one in front of the other and in the other direction than originally planned.

Resulting in this. Interesting accidental discovery is that the erased out lower half is darker and better represents the proper fall of light tonality.
At the time this was the studio space I was working in. It sure has come a long way since them. You can see the smaller Krishna canvas on the right on my newest easel acquisition. I sprayed the image down with fixative an gave it a quick clear coat to lock down the charcoal particles.
Krishna has blue skin so I rubbed in some pigment off a rag.
I then used a little left over green paint to outline the figure to help me "see" it better. I'm going to leave a little mystery today and end this post here.


 Read the FFWD ARTicle!

I have two small works in the Horror 3 show at the House Gallery tonight, go see it there are tons of great local artists in the show, so go damn it, no excuses!  FB Event click here!

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