August 30, 2012

Ganesh - a bunch of details

The journey continues......
This is the deepest end of my studio, a welcoming sight, but plenty of work still needing to be done.
As you may see, I began shading over the face and trunk with variations of red, yellow and orange. I worked in to the ears and did touch ups and wrinkles over the entire piece.
I went back in with a pure hue of Cobalt blue and outlined all the fabric lines then I worked in darker areas of shading in order to give it more punch and contrast.
I put in wrinkles and folds on the knuckles and gave the nails some more definition. I also touched up the peaches some more. You can see how the paint is applied on the trunk here as well.
Here is the empty hand that needs the ritual implement added, n this case a hand axe.
Here is the axe with details that I created for the painting. I imagine a dark steel for the blade. The decorative top may be painted gold afterward too. I'm going to let it sit for a bit before I commit fully.

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