August 9, 2012

Ganesh, do you see what I see?

After teaching my Layout and composition class at ACAD, I rushed to my studio to get in the last 4 hours before I have to jet off to Toronto for my Systema training camp. I wont be able to work or post for about two weeks, so this one is a bit longer than norm. Below are some of the notes about panels, and bubbles and timing for comics that I put up on the whiteboard to go along with the handouts.
I was really happy I could go into the studio one last time. It is a bit frustrating having odd times to work. It is also too hot and there is no parking in the day. It is so hot my oil paint is bone dry in just a day! I cant imagine how frustrated the artists working in acrylic must be up here right now, oh right, there aren't any artists working in the studios lately.
My studio is a bit out of control right now, but rather than get distracted and clean and organize, it is far better that I strip down to my skivvies and get to work. I decided to take the plunge and add an eye to Ganeshes palm after a little bit of deliberation and research to determine if it is appropriate.
In doing so I trapped myself in to painting a bunch of lines in the palm. If I did one hand I had to continue with the rest...
Here is the hand that will be gripping an axe. I also made a lemon yellow for the cuticles on the nails. I redrew some of the palm outline as well and will most likely go back with a lighter flesh tone for highlights.
Here is the hand that is holding the flower. I decided to change some of the shapes a bit and will go back to paint in the knuckle details. I also intend on trimming the pointed finger back because it is too thick. I'll do that when I paint the rest of the radial background lines in.
Since I id  the hands, it stands to reason that I should also do the feet. I also did a little bit on the belly button, and you can see the palm which holds a bowl of sweets in the top right of this picture.
I then outlined the flowing fabric with cobalt blue thinned down with my 3:1 turpentine and linseed oil. This was a time consuming process and at times like these I really wish I had a proper pinstriping brush so that I could hold a lot more paint so I don't have to get paint for every inch and a half of line. At times like these you realize how important having the proper tool can be!
I put a red moon on the forehead with the last remaining red paint. By the end of the session, I was really happy that I spent the night working and didn't go out, or say farewell to any friends before my big trip. C'est la vie.  I can see what the next stages are for me to attack. I was reluctant to start on the head and all the folds of skin for a time when I have more confidence and determination.

I look forward to continuing upon my return, with a fresh new outlook and a fresh pair of eyes ;)

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Verna Vogel said...

Good on you for continuing to work in the heat! I remember doing that too, and enjoying having no one else around, could really focus on the work. Hope you have a fun and productive time in TO.