August 4, 2012

Shiva, light my fire

Airbrush time!!!
This is where I left off last session. I blocked in the red and some black spots to be the deepest level of fire. This was all done freehand with the airbrush. The paint I am using is Creatix liquid  airbrush paint.
I then blocked with the variety of shields shapes in orange. I added in some free hand areas to begin the flushing out process and to add some of the outer embers.
I went back in and darkened the lower half with more red. My plan is to have the lower portion more red with embers and fade gently up into brighter yellow flames.
It may be hard to tell in this photo, but the next stage here is a subtle blocking in with a yellow/orange over top the previous layer. The shields are soaked and my hands are covered in over spray. I am starting to get the hang of it.
I worked a brighter yellow over top and worked out some more shapes. I think I am going to do a second layer of the entire process again over this fire to create more depth and detail. I like using this shield method to create realistic looking fire paint effect.  I intend on painting the rest of the painting in oil. I have to have this part blocked in first since it is acrylic and it is the background before I proceed with the rest of the painting.

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