August 24, 2012

National signage

Some of the windows broke in the antique national doors and Kelly Ryan of Rad asked me to come paint on the newly installed windows.
This is the first door, it needed a wheelchair sign since it was a single user stall, it was getting busy all the time because people didn't realize there were tons more bathrooms down the hall.
After the size and location were signed off by the designer I went to work. I used a liner brush and one shot white to create the outline.
The sign can be seen by both sides so I started with the outline, normally the outline would be done second after the bulk of the lettering, but these need to look good on both sides. Here is the wheelchair outline from the inside of the stall.
They also needed one more door in the back to say private so customers quit walking back there. I traced out the letters from one of the doors I already finished from before. Lined it up so it is at the same height and began lettering in white.
Here is the completed outline for the lettering. I have to wait for the paint to dry and they are going to open so in order to keep the smell down I will come back and finish another day.

Here is the sign with the black line fill. It is in a dark corner so I had to use the flash to take this picture. I may revisit it when it is brighter.
Here is one of the two wheelchair signs from the inside with the black fill line. I used lettering brushes to the fill and with each color thinned the paint down by about 10% to make it flow a bit more. Even then it quickly becomes sticky, so it takes a little bit to get used to working with.

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