November 8, 2011

Wet the appetite....

Here are a few additional sketches I did for C.B.'s upcoming publication.

Some concepts for the Key of Amajara. It could be a small black and white image on every new chapter page. I was thinking of a nice calligraphy 'A' on the back of a skeleton key.
 The evil Count Palavar.  He is part bird skeleton with a human skull. His eyes have a deep red glow but since the work is only black and white I can't show that here. I  wanted to show him in flight ready to strike with his talons. Without wings how would he fly? Magic of course!

Here is a portrait of Frowlus, Owls friend, a clumsy white stork with over trusty sized flight goggles.

Something that still needs considering is the additional back cover. It needs something, I agreed to paint an original work for the front, but we need something on the back, maybe one of these in muted tones. More to come =;)


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