November 9, 2011

New sketchbook (white cover) + Copic colors

My last sketchbook, the beautiful one from FROSST books, is somewhere in the states, having been left behind after Burning man, along with my favorite pens. So I had to get a new one. Why draw on loose sheets and loose the drawings when you can keep them in your trusty sketchbook?  Anyhow, this new sketchbook is totally white. I got it on sale with pencils for $12.60 ( it was 40%) off at Inglewood Art Supply. I covered it in saran wrap to protect it's pristine white "pleathery" cover.

R, O, Y, G,.....

As usual I need to take an inventory of my Copic colors, and see how they work with the new sketchbook paper an what color they come out. Here is my current collection at the back of the sketchbook.

B, I, V,.....

Plus a little bleed through of the paper. I have to remember to draw over a sheet so it doesn't pass through to the next page. Below are my brown and skin tones. Unfortunately, I already have to replace the ink in some of these 'cause I use them up already. I love that you can refill these markers! Their base is made up of Ethanol, 77% Ethyl Alcohol, I wonder where I can get a large jug of that stuff for blending, any one out there have any connects?

While I am on the subject of beautiful bright colors, I want to aim your attention to a new link on my website, it is for a friends gorgeous mosaic creations.  "Extraordinary beauty in your everyday life." Check them out, little pieces of color meticulously placed to create gorgeous mosaics. His website is :

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