November 12, 2011

from Russia with love

We live in a magical fairytale land that charms the eye. After all the the eye of the beholder who decided his/her perception....... What I choose to see is that this world is for use to make more enchanting. 

Yesterday, the 11.11.11th, My truck turned over to 1100011. I spent the majority of the day in the studio creating a bunch of new work that I'm excited to see where it takes me. I put some time on for my piece for the Underground Gallery's 'Out of the Box' group exhibition, and got over the hurdle with my piece for Travisty. I knew I had to attend a good old fashioned Quanset a building party at Grant Poier's house the next day. Just to be sure, I stayed outta trouble and stayed at home to make a couple of drawings.

Some of you may recognize this image if you have an AAA membership. Really, I wanted to highlight my Copic colors, 'cause the color is what enchanting my eye is all about!

But just as interesting is the back of the page.This looks like watercolor to me.
I might try to color from the back on a future drawing.

Bunnies in the bushes...little shits!

Today I also saw two cute bunnies hopping about as we worked on assembling the quanset pieces.  Bunnies not hares! Escape pets with breeding gone awry. Soooo cute and stupid....... and relatively comfortable around humans. Hopping meals. There is a bounty of wildlife in Grant's backyard shire, it is very enchanting indeed;)

 for the lady readers who are wondering how long grants Caulk is....

As for tomorrow, I just hope the snow doesn't fall on our little quanset raising project.  If its cold and snowy, less people will show and it will turn into a ridiculous hell for those of us who do. How it goes, nobody knows...... 

Tomorrow's agenda: Erecting and Caulking.
Followed by the men standing around drinking an smoking.
It is going to be a dream studio when it's done.


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Fay_Moose_Art said...

nice sketch :) Like a real Russian I approve :)