November 11, 2011

Childrens book cover


I spent a long night in the studio getting this painting to a happy place. I painted in Eleanor's boots red with an yellow ochre gum bottom.  I added little mushrooms to the foreground. I outlined the tree to make it pop, and added shadows. I also made the stone glow more brightly. There is a spiral of leaves blowing down that traces the eye line from the owl, to the girl and down to the stone. And from her hand on a ribbon hangs the key of Amajara.

This photo was taken on my Iphone under my studio fluorescent lights, so the colors are a bit off and its blurry. My next step is to get a professional photo or scan so I can do a little bit of clean up and deliver the goods. Not only did I paint this painting for the cover, the author gets the original artwork = Bonus!

Here is a better close up to show some of the detail.  I also really like this composition, cropped in, it could be the cover itself. Just a thought!

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