November 28, 2011

There must be something in the air ;)


 The Underground Art Show went very well, for me. I got tons of positive feedback but only this one picture. There are a bunch of people around my work. I also made some new acquaintances.

This morning, I got a bunch of positive emails and messages, must be the wake of my show?  This great note from a fellow artist and friend today on my FB artist page:

"Brian BATISTA IS A BRILLIANT and STRONG VISIONARY. Whose VISIONS have SPLENDID EFFECT on the VIEWER creating a sense of CALM and EASE whether it be video, sculptural or works done on canvas and paper Brian's work is always stimulating in a POSITIVE WAY. His COLORS are JOYFUL, VIBRANT and INVIGORATING. His Subject matter COMPELLING CHECK OUT HIS WORK"
-Richard Rossetto
 and this from Karl Withak Schmauder
"Awesome stuff man...the colors, the detail...the story...amazing detail..really spot on...keep up the funtastic work."
 I will !  (That is as long as I can eat an have a roof over my head)

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