November 9, 2011

Before we go on.....

What color should I make her Sunday dress? 

This is the idea I have for painting the girl sitting in the tree for the front cover of the book. Before I go on with it though, I have a few things I need to iron out and I want to know if I am headed the right direction. Clorinda, can you find a quick reference and email it to me so I have in mind what you are imagining. If you have a picture of you as a little girl in a tree.... you better not be holding out!   I imagine her footwear more like rain boots since she's run outside to climb a tree. Examples are very helpful.
 Q: What type of sleeves should a proper Sunday dress have, a bow, V neck with lace? 

 This sketch up was done with Copic markers and if all goes as planned the character will be added to the crook of the tree in the painting below ;)

Notice the fall leaves and the Stone of Amajara is glowing BLUE now. The colors are off, I have been snapping these with my iphone camera under fluorescent lights in my studio. But you get the idea. I am going to paint over the owls bright white face, I think he looks much better like before in silhouette. We are getting close to the finish line!

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