October 22, 2011

Where she stops nobody knows…..

..........Well the answer is to block in Yama's skin with bright red to bring him back forward a bit but since the ones I’ll be using are pure they are somewhat transparent in order to allow the colors from the drips to shine through.  Then I added all my reflective iridescent paints, which don’t photograph well, so you’ll just have to see it in person.

 This is how its done! I whip out the big guns and go straight for the gold! To do this I lay the painting flat on the ground on my painters pyramids to raise it off the floor. I’m using Testor model paints and Tamiya spray paint applied with a brush on this piece because they reflect so well! I revisit some of the whites with a more transparent Zinc white straight from the tube. Then I crisped up the  blacks with watered down black Gesso.  This helps to pop the Yama figure forward again without loosing too much of the beautiful texture the drips created.  I stop here for the night and allow myself some rest and to step back at arms length and get a fresh look in the morning. 

Some touches of detail, here and there, make the piece punchier and more resolved. I went into details of jewelery, some fire elements, some black outlines etc. You get the idea. Dropped off the work, come out an see it!


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