October 13, 2011

The wheel keeps on turning (Deluded Existence Continued...)

Another night in the studio. Tonight I had three separate studio visits and one early in the day after picking up a large canvas from my favorite local art supply store.  It was a fun night but I got a slow start. Surprisingly, I still got exactly what I thought I would accomplished done. So here is is in its present state. I am really starting to get excited about how it is proceeding (steep learning curve with acrylic paints as my medium for this piece aside).

I began with some repair work on YAMA's nose before it started to drive me crazy =;P  Surprisingly the container I put some of the paint in, that was leftover yesterday, actually worked in keeping it from drying out. I need more of these little guys or empty baby food jars.  I blocked in the green landscape element below and some of the water to the left. I painted in the tiger pelt with two water colour like acrylic glazes in two different tones of orange as well as added some zinc white highlights along the edge of the fur. I surrounded the piece in a blue band and finalized my evening with dripping yellow ochre over the canvas. One last look and a quick snapshot with my iphone before leaving the studio.

The hard part is coming........... committing to the inner wheels and tackling that and then adding more elements and textures to the whole. I am a bit intimidated because of the level of detail that is required for this next section. I find that I work much better with larger brushes and more gestural strokes. As the brush size is reduced for more detailed work the time it takes me to paint increases dramatically. The clock is ticking.

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