October 9, 2011

Lambchops play along

I spent all day in the kitchen, so I didn't make it to the studio.  I know, bad, So I'm going to blog about what I did, creating something delicious, a Moroccan inspired dinner for my friend Dunjia's B-day. I have never cooked lamb before, it was an expensive cut of meat, so when I was told to judge it on instinct, I was a bit worried....... Luckily my instincts are good,  in my opinion, it turned out perfectly... blushed and juicy! Below are some quick pics of the spread.

This photo is a bit blurrier than the others but the composition is much nicer and shows the majority of selection.

Starting at the top is dessert:  Lemon Madeleines  in a lime syrup served with fresh blue berries.

To the right in the jug: Perrier water with fresh squeezed lime and pomegranate serve with sprigs of Mint I scavenged from my best friend Ben's back yard.

At the top of this picture: Couscous (fluffy I might add), with parsley, mint, thinly sliced green onions and  red pepper.

In the blue serving dish: Is my special home made hummus drizzled with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon served below with hot steamy flat bread dressed with oregano and spices.

Below that in the red and yellow serving dishes: 
a variety of 7 olives warmed up in the oven before serving and a yogurt and sweet chili sauce with Parsley to serve with the couscous and flat bread.
Here is the prize...... the seared and roasted lamb shanks. Man, they were good.

I haven't had much lamb before. I think I have to try it a few other ways to get a taste for it. Dunjia is from the Mediterranean and she said it reminds her of growing up and that it's her favorite meat. Pat on my back for selecting it.  She brought two wines to pair with the food a Zinfidel from California which was sweet and fruity and went amazingly well with the meal and a Reisling which I had fun comparing to the feast. There was a lot of food, but hardly any leftovers. fact: I'm having some of the hummus as I write.

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