October 11, 2011

Wheel of Deluded Existence continues

So I've been lucky enough to get to keep painting in the studio this thanksgiving week-en and into the week. This piece is due Friday but there might be a little wiggle room come the week-end. Regardless, I am full steam ahead to get it finished in time.

 I began work on the landscape of the inner wheels, painted in some stripes on the tiger pelt, the skulls on the crown, and the head brocade.  Originally, there weren't enough sections in the outer wheel, to my surprise I calculated wrong. Rather than just let it slide and continue painting as it, because you can't get away with that when you have integrity and put this much time into something.  So, I had to go back and fix it which means I spent much time back with the Gesso. Black and white. I also began logging my hours with a simple tally on the upper edge of the painting.
Here is the point before leaving the studio. I dripped dark brown paint along the face. I always like doing this as it gives the appearance of age between the layers. It also gives me something exciting to work with.

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