October 7, 2011

Wheel of Deluded Existence continued...

I had a really busy day running around teaching. First I taught a flipbook class to teens as part of an after school program at the Forest Lawn Library. Immediately following that class I had to rush over to instruct by After Effects evening class at Quickdraw Animation Society. However, after all that, I still had some creative juice to flow. I spent about 3+ hours in the studio blocking in more color masses on my painting.  By blocking in this portion with acrylic, it helps to speed up my process. Basically, it is dry by the time I'm done and ready to be worked on. Unfortunately it's well past midnight and I needed to go home and get some sleep.

I painted around the edges for this piece as well since I know it will be hanging without a frame at the Horror show in less than two weeks.

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