March 8, 2017

A bunch of fun and interesting stuff

I have all sorts of goodies here, starting with some whiteboard notes from my Monday evening cartooning class at ACAD. Here is my ACAD classroom before the students arrive.

And the other direction from my Drawing 1 class on Saturday working on perspective

 At my atelier ( I have a whole bunch of great courses in drawing and painting you can take, visit my website for more info and to sign up HERE.

 We are working on portraits for the upcoming peoples portrait prize at cSPACE King Edward.

I also have a figure drawing evening at ACAD and on Wednesday evenings at the atelier as well as anatomy classes, here is a glimpse of some of the demonstation notes.

 I left a little skeleton surprise for the gals in the Con Ed department after leaving my figure drawing class for the evening.
 It looks like one is about to be kicked to the curb hard. lol.
After all, it's good to keep life and art a little lighthearted!

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