March 20, 2017

Portrait of Mario

It been awesome working at my studio with Martinho and Douglas Friday afternoons. We are painting from life and are paying a model to sit for these sessions.

I was feeling rusty with my oil skills on this one as the blank white canvas stored back at me. I know all to well what it feels like. It took a few sittings to get comfortable with my palette again.
I scraped down the paining from 2 sessions and redrew and started over because I was unhappy wit how it turned out. But now things are going my way. This bit took me around 2.5 hrs. One more sitting and I should have it wrapped up.

I made the hat much larger on the top and will hopefully keep it that way. I need to bring down the eye on the far side and do all the detailing etc, but for not the oil will just get muddy so it is best to let it dry and attack it again next session, just in time before the opening of the Peoples Portrait Prize this Saturday 6 - 9 pm. All 4 floors of the cSPACE King Edward building.

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