March 6, 2017

Last Wednesday and beyond....

My free classes ended on Wednesday and already I've had many students join this month. I have been teaching my morning and afternoon classes at the Atelier. Check out my website for the the class listings and sign up before I run out of room!
 I am hosting a long pose figure drawing session every Wednesday evening you can sign up on my website under the events tab or by clicking here.
 Below are some of the colourful artists at work and their colourful palettes.

I am excited to offer my special brand of hospitality. I have models booked until the end of the month but am also looking for more. If you know a figure model or would like to model yourself get a hold of me, I am also in search of costume owning models like cosplayers for future opportunities in different time slots, pass the info along on my website contact form near the bottom.

Thanks in advance!!!

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