March 16, 2017

Mixing and spinning and subbing

Classes have been exciting, but this Wednesday things got a little more amped. My friend and DJ Cosmic Lurkn came by in the morning to add some spun sound to the still life class. It made for a wicked "hump day" that's for certain!

 My students worked on hard lit shapes in a complex arrangement.  We looked at tone and edges and learned how cast shadows should describe the form they fall on and not necessarily the shape that casts them. I took Cosmic and KT out for ramen after the class to catch up and fill up.
To my surprise two pals from the art world were there setting up for their public work installation at cSPACE over the nxt few months... Hooray!! Katie Green ad Daniel J. Kirk popped by for a visit and we snapped this shot in the atelier.
Later in the evening, after a long set up and a bunch or errands, my figure night at the studio was being substitute hosted by artist Elena Bushan(her work here:

Meanwhile, I substituted a fast track acrylic painting still life course at ACAD, above is one of the students at work on his piece.

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