September 25, 2012

The real HORROR....

I lost everything. Every file, everything thats good and holy in the digital realm ;( When I went to get the superdrive replaced in my newest laptop I didn't think it would come to this....

I had my expense repair returned on Friday. Saturday was lines up at the Apple store with people who badly wanted their iPhone 5's. Alas, I don't think Steve jobs is the devil, but his empire seems oddly hypocritical, a "cooler. more sophisticated, hipster" version of 1984. My computer would not boot up, so though repaired, I had to go back to the Genius bar to get my system to start. In order to do this, they had to wipe everything and re-install the OS. This all happened suddenly that I didn't back up my most recent and most important work. SH*T!!!

To make a the story short.....
Lost all my iPhone contacts, tons of images, documents, invoices, reference photos so on and so forth, oh and all my software. Damn. My brain is on a self inflicted soup of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) SO for me, this is an opportunity for a new start. I have a new uncluttered computer and life, ready to start fresh, like spring ;)

Rather than mourn the loss, I got wet in the studio.
I sprayed my surfaces and allowed a variety of pigments to stain my supports.
The wet surface is highly reflective and really brings up the pigments.
After it dried I gave it a vigorous scrubbing with 80 grit sandpaper.
I think it takes not only blindness. bravery, balls and confidence and commitment.
I revisited the pieces with some black, iridescent silver and the original dark blue.
Outlined in black gesso, enhanced with the deep red in the shadow areas and outlined in black gesso loosely and allows to drip.
Highlights, shadow and drips of raw umber add more layering this studio session.
I did a raw umber drip over the entire surface. This piece gets some gold added to the highlights and a bronze is added to the eyebrows.

More to come.......

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