September 8, 2012

Snack time, but not time for a break

It may be gorgeous outside, but I am in an art prison, slave to my computer system so that I can get this project completed by the preferred date, my Birthday.

I am getting to the nitty gritty parts and the details. I started animating the characters faces within the walks. I spent most of the session working on the many elements that make up the theatre scene. I also compiled a list of artwork that still needs to be completed and tackled tonight so that I may scan and process them on Monday.
I spent the majority of time creating this theatre scene. the theatre and chairs are constructed in 3D space in After Effects so that later on, I can have a camera fly thru it. I plan on adding more movie monster characters as well as noisy theatre sounds, popcorn being chewed, coughing, shsssing etc. The audio will really help to fatten up the scene. It looks great in HD, but draft version is needed for this blog.
I hope to get this scene pretty much wrapped up today. This is the work done so far. I need to get the arms movies and the throat swallowing. I have a lot of timing to work out as well. Characters are going to reveal they are not walking on a red carpet but are in fact entering his mouth. Its the popcorn and soda that cause the skin to melt off the character.

More to come ;)

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