September 9, 2012

Snack Time, process is like eating

I continued on with the boy piece.
I ended up changing the initial order of events and made him eat a popcorn box of characters then follow it up with drinking the soda. This will become the impetus for the internal melting to skeleton stuff which I have to now move around a realign once everything with the boy melting layer is in place.
I also made a list of all the stuff I still needed to draw for the cartoon. I went to the studio  and put a couple of hours in drawing more stuff from a ketchup character to additional movie monster silhouettes to be added to the theatre portion. I still need to go and put in some time drawing more whales so that I can go into QAS and do some scanning at the start of the week.  There are still major areas I have not quite figured out but will come together as the animation develops further.

While in the studio I also blocked in the figure for the Kali painting. Today when I go into the studio, I will not only draw more things for the animation, I will block in the figure and background with the first pass of my darks.

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