September 24, 2012

Horror faces

I am creating two 8"X8" pieces to hang on the wall of the House Gallery Horror 3 show.

The Gallery provided two pre-cut MDF boards to work on. They were not primed, so I primed one in black Gesso and the other in traditional white gesso. I drew out a basic design and rubbed the back in charcoal. I placed the image and traced over top my initial drawing to transfer it to the surface below.
Then I worked over top the charcoal with black or white gesso respectively, to lay down the line work.
I decided to block in the horror faces with silver and gold opalescent paint to give it a slight shimmering quality.
I then went in with  a dark blue onto the skull.
I used a dark red on the face on the white ground.
I followed it up with a lighter blue and red paint on each.
There is still another session in the studio to be had, to go further develop these pieces and to bring them to fruition for the show.

Come to the Horror show to see the finished pieces, to keep in touch like the gallery page on Facebook:

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