December 9, 2011

This is the end, my only friend, the end, or is it?!

I went to Glenmore Village Library to give my final flip book class for 'tweens'. There were 12 spots to fill and a long waiting list, so thanks to the Glenbow's gracious donation of some flip-books, I had enough supplies for 17 participants. I let everybody in. They have a really good core group of kids who do a ton of activities at this library. It got a little crazy but it was my most fun class to date. even one of the moms got into it and made a flip book. Everybody had a great time.......I like to go out with a bang!
Half the girls on this side of the room were wearing pink.
 I didn't get the memo, or I would have too!

Afterward, I instructed my official final After Effects class at Quickdraw Animation Society.  Something I picked up while in New Orleans called Lagniappe - which means that little bit extra, I always like to go up to 11 and do a bit more in everything I do.......... so I'll be in teaching one extra class next week and fielding any questions the students may have about their future needs for future projects =;)

I spent some time in the studio this week working on various commissions.  I also took  a piece I sold out of the frame and sanded the frame down in order to put a fresh coat of Black paint on it. I think you will agree, it looks better than the crappy frame it was in. But I'm not going to show a picture in that frame, I just can't let myself, I won't put it back in that frame, it looks like crap.  Hopefully the new owner and I can go on a little frame shopping date together soon, and get something better suited for this work and her condo =;)

Some things come to and end, while other are beginning....

I had to pick up a new sketchbook. My previous one is somewhere in the USA with my wicked $122 Micro topic pens ;(  I got this one at Frosst Books. It is wicked! The gold cover was designed by Ryan Scott. The paper is of grand quality. There is a pocket in the back, trust me this is very useful. There is an elastic that keeps the book closed when needed. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and prices. There is a really cool square one that looks so fly, but I only had $ for one.  If you call yourself an artist, go and get one of these from John Frosst @ Frosst books on 9th Ave. in Inglewood, right next to Pith Gallery. Do it now!

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