December 14, 2011

Studio party and new furniture!

Studio Party Tonight!!

I will be joined by a few friends and anyone else who want to pop in for an impromptu Studio Party.  DJ Cosmic Lurk N Bang will be spinning sweet tracks. I have some students from my November Canvas Building Workshop coming in to pick up their supports,  while Jesse Gouchey and Myself work on our respective commissions. Al Chu and Ej Negre will be in the house and maybe a special guest appearance or two.
Got some new furniture for the studio. Here it is stacked in the freight elevator on its way up to my studio on the 5th floor. I'm bringing in my pine book shelf from home so I can have all my art books and reference material close at hand. I also purchased this custom "easy - fit" Animation table from the Quickdraw animation society for  a steal $75, it used to be from the Alberta College of Art and Design's previous Animation program. It even came with x-tra light bulbs.

I can't believe how the furniture blends in to my floor. Here are all the components, laid out ready to assemble.  I started putting the shelf together but once I decided where things were going to go I realized there was a lot of stuff that I had to move. What is that old saying, "you've got to make a mess to clean a mess"?! So I changed out my table to create room by the plug for the animation stand and book shelf.  I began putting together the animation table, had it 98% complete, then it came crashing down on my head. It's a two person job, even when it is together its still pretty wobbly. I will have to add some structural support to the "easy assembly- fit together" design because it doesn't quite cut it.

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