December 6, 2011


So come on, come on, view some local artwork with me........

I have the rare opportunity to hang work in a new development in the Calgary art scene.  A new gallery is opening up in Eau Claire Market called Motion Gallery. "What is in a name, that we are thus or thus?" Well...... Motion: because it had to come together quickly. Maybe in hopes to moving lots of artwork. Hopefully not because the gallery will be short live and have to move. It is a huge space where artists can buy in for $50 and hang their work with little restriction.  There is a lot of space, but I know with my artistic drive I could personally fill it if need be.  If you are an artist reading this and are interested, get involved. Hang beside me. Drop me a line and I'll point the way.

Dealtails for fellow artists and creative vendors: 
The gallery takes a 15% commission on top of the membership fee, they provide staffing daily so you can drop off your stuff, put up a price an cross your fingers. Its only $50 to take a chance. The downside is that it is the slowest time of the year for Eau Claire Market and there is virtually no advertising or marketing plan for the gallery. The upside is the location. I am told that many business people go there for lunch and browse around during their break. This alone should promise some traffic. If you have seen what kind of trinket stores are in there, an art gallery should have no problem opening its doors, people will hopefully browse the collection in droves.  In my experience, as long as you keep getting your work in front of peoples eyes, you can find someone interested in buying work and/or supporting the arts.

I threw up these three pieces quickly. I will be dropping off more works in the days to come.

The gallery has sufficient track lighting suspended form the ceiling. In order to create a sense of uniformity before the opening all the information and sales tags including artist CV's and bios will be created by the gallery. As soon as the gallery gets filled, the doors will open. 20 is the perfect number of artists to have on the roster for a space this side but I am sure more can be accommodated. By the looks of it, there will be an opening party this Saturday, but I will keep you posted as things develop.

There are patterns everywhere. I made the observation to my room mate yet again that the magic of observation and what we say often comes to fruition, but in far more eloquent terms.  The other day while at EMMEDIA, I was talking to Noel about the stretchers I bought off of his mom Carol Green.  I told him that I needed larger stretchers for the work for my show next year at the Stride Gallery. He asked if I got the cedar ones he made with the smooth bevel. I didn't.

I was letting my friend into the studio to move his stuff again last night and I noticed some frames sitting by the elevator. I asked them if they were theirs. They said "no" they have been there for days. it didn't take me a second to grab up that opportunity. This is why I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.  Not only did I score some free stretcher bars of unequivocal stability and quality for nothing, but they are the exact size I need, and potentially the exact ones we were talking about a few days prior.

If there was an series of steps,
it might look like this.....

1) Put it out there (make a wish)
2) Wait
3) Observe and listen for a response or an Opportunity,
4) Act. Jump on it!
5) Continue to make wishes

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