June 12, 2011

Positive Feedback keeps me on track

I've been getting a lot of positive feedback on my show. It was really great that I had another large group come thru the gallery today.  One of the lovely ladies, Soliel (3yrs old.) and her mom baked me delicious cookies to share. One notable quote I asked permission to include below:

Jerald Blackstock 
Posted this on Fast Forward about your show:
I studied Tibetan Buddhism through the use of thangkas and the Saraswati Hindu iconography (Tara in Tibetan) for 2 decades through a teaching institution of Yasodara Ashram.
And art at ACAD. So coming to Brians work from that combined background, gives me licence (I hope) to say, holy crap Brian is this ever cool.
I love the approach using of cartoon/animation visual language, of flatness and lack of surface that when printmakers paint, well it's what they do, and usually call them paintings, which they aren't usually, they are these illustrative things that seem to be unaware of the 800 years of history and tradition of western European painting.
When Brian uses that visual language to re-interpret Eastern art, in my opinion he is using exactly the right language for the right subject...knocking the ball right out of the park.
AND at the same time he is saying, I'm an artist, I can do anything I want, which an artist absolutely must say, in order to be creative and not some knock off of somebody else who is creative.
Way to go Brian, congratulations all around!

I cant wait to get back into the studio and begin creating new works influenced by my previous body and new experiences.

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