June 9, 2011

Fast Forward Article = Awesomeness

Now you may remember back in January I was published as a "Your Face Here" personality, because I was co-marshal for One Yellow Rabbit's Chinese New Year Parade. Well today I received an email for the Editors Pick of Fast Forward Weekly Picks June 9 - 15. They did an article (Page 58 if you have the physical paper at hand) on my recent solo exhibition 'Sacred Images' at the Untitled Arts Society Gallery.

Click here for a link to the full story.

I'm the first Arts story an right after the Best of Calgary. I'm told that this is the biggest and most read Fast Forward of the year. Sweet.

I particularly like that me and my first solo show are "full of peculiarities." I am always surprised what writers pick up on and decide to focus the story. It wouldn't be the first time f I half jokingly said  “My mom thinks I must be a reincarnated Japanese man because I am interested in all things Asian.” I also like that she explains how I "set out to re-create these painstakingly laborious and elaborate images that demand tremendous attention to detail and a careful study of Buddhist scriptures." This is true, it is also true that I start in tradition then I move into my unique way of applying paint, my "process is methodical and highly unconventional." I love it!

The final statement will hopefully spark some commercial interest and/or sales: “My paintings are never finished until someone buys them,” he says. “And if you were to decide to buy one, my response would be, ‘OK, now I’m going to finish it.’”As a thoughtful gesture, he will think of the person who is buying it for the rest of the painting and add a personal touch."

No press is bad press but good press is?????

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Markowsky said...

"The Jewel is Within the Lotus" is an outrageously awesome painting!!! WOWOWOWOW!!! I'm so bummed that I won't get a chance to see this show.