June 13, 2011

ASA TREX does magic with Twosday drawings

I met with Les of the Artist Society of Alberta on Friday to discuss details of their upcoming exhibition 'Animate delight'. They did a mock up of some of my original drawings to be framed and wanted my 'OK to proceed. It was so cool to see these drawings which were gifted to my late friend Chris J. Melynchuck( Click his name for my blog entry about him), organized for presentation.  I am really impressed in how professional they go about things an am super amazed by what they came up with for the exhibition. Not only that they frame the work and build really effective travel cases for the exhibition. Below is a photo from my iphone of the mock up before the matte is cut and frame built. Needless to say, I am very happy with their work.

They turned what was once just a stack of papers use to make my animation 'Twosday' <--(you can see it on you tube by clicking here.

It really helped in enlightening me on some aspect of the art business, that I wasn't really that aware of. I am thankful for the opportunity.

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