November 5, 2015

More mastery in paint

Was in costco and found this treasure for $50. I had hoped eventually I would find a source which had everything I saw while in Italy in one place, lo and behold, here it is, a massive hardcover text in a folio box, a must have for anyone who loves this era of master works, frescos and paintings!
 I huffed many a heavy text book and supply up the hill for my class. I'm too cheap to pay $11 for ACAD parking so I climb the hill wiht all my syuff panting by the time I reach the top.
This is Sues third painting ever and she is starting to see how important the role of values play in her application of acrylic colour. She is one of a few students not using oil in the class.
I am really proud of the students progress in so far. we are just over half way in our 7 week long studies and their pieces are developing wonderfully.
Blocking in the major hues on a painting whose source is a black and white photo.
Hes got his two pieces developing nicely and since he owns a printer at home he has great colour and tonal references that he has promised to give me as a teaching aid for future courses I give. So sweet.
Mixing up some peachy apricot colours in rich creamy oil. She decided to add some other elements to balance out the overall composition.
The granddaughter portraits are coming along. Now begins more fat over lean. We don't have class on remembrance Day next week, but following I will be giving may a recipe for mixes and glazes.
Final blocking in of the portrait with direct application. By nest session the artists should be well on their way to completion of their pieces and begin working in details etc with fatty paint and a thinner brush. I will be giving a glazing and gold leafing demonstration along with notes about the materials they can use as they approach finishing their paintings.

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