November 19, 2015

Master class and more . . .

I have a bunch of classes quickly coming to an end this semester and a stack of comissions and new works started in the studio.
I drew up a bunch of skulls and intend on filling them in to varying degrees in order to show the stages of the Venetian and Flemish painting methods.
This skull is copied from a painting titled S. Girolamo Penitente by Bartolomeo Di Giovanni.
 I had a little help in my Life drawing class from "Bucky" (Aka. Alex, according to Menika), who may be the skinniest model I've ever worked with but casts a nice shadow.
We had remembrance day off so I had my painting students still paint and what they brought back definitely impressed. These two pieces of his granddaughter were done with two different methods. Grisaille technique on the left and direct application on the right.
I did a deep and thorough lecture and demo on oil paint mediums, glazes and scumbling at the start of the class and here we can see some of that knowledge being applied to her canvases.
Look at those delicious fruits, they look good enough to eat.
Anne Marie's Velazquez copy is the most sophisticated and developed of all the works I've seen her create so far. Great job in honing her very loose painting style for the purpose of this class. High five!

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