November 26, 2015

Master Painting final class 7

I am really sad to see this class come to completion. I hope next time its offered it is 10 weeks instead of 7. Below are just a few of the many great works my students worked on. I gave a demo on varnishing and gold guilding and added in some contemporary techniques like making and using stencils.
We went up the the 5th floor ACAD spray booth and put on a coat of Golden Archival UV protection varnish which really brought the colors back out on Anne Marie's study of a Velazquez portrait of the pope.
I demoed adding a semi-translucent burnt umber layer over top the grisaille work on the hair to show what the next step can do to really make colors and further paint application pop!
Here some colour stain has been added to the grisaille master copy and it is already starting to have that wonderful glow that so many masterpieces have.
David's portrait of his mom far exceeded the expectations I had for the class in the time given. All the students who had perfect attendance for the 7 short classes really applied the teachings and process in the course I designed, to great effect. They deserve to be very proud for setting the bar high and for creating such high quality works in my class. Amazing, well done class!

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