October 29, 2015

Mastery of paint . . .

After a week, at least one student finished the grisaille on her Leonardo  davinci hand study and it looks amazing.
After adding glazing layers it will no longer have an overall blue cast hue and it will spring to life due to the good values in the grisaille layer.
A freehand interpretation of a character from a Caravaggio painting.

Beginning a new composition by getting the major shapes onto the support to block in with colour.

We begin blocking in the major colours in their personal compositions using a different method (direct application) more akin to the french academic method of the 19 ce.
This bowl of cherries will scream with colour in a couple of sessions.
This piece on a dark ground is from a historical of her families farm which was right next to the ocean, cool!
Full size references, colour wheel exercise complete now onto a portrait of his mom, that he thinks she wont like.
As long as the teacher doesn't say "she looks like a dried out old pumpkin", all will be fine.

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