October 22, 2015

Master Painitng @ ACAD

I am teaching the techniques of the old masters in 7 intense classes. We start with our support and move quickly into a copy and grisaille work by class 3.
I have to bring a lot of supplies and references to the class which means loading in and out and paying way too much for SAIT parking.
 In the first class I teach a few ways to construct and prepare good sturdy supports. If you are going to spend all that time making quality work, you should definitely invest in a quality foundation.
Class 2 we draw and develop the imprimatura stage. The students draft their composition and transfer their images to the support allowing it to dry before continuing on with the next layer.
To do grisaille you need some grey paint, by mixing black you can control its warmth or coolness and then create all the values you need to apply to the canvas.
Making a quick copy of a part of a masters work and experimenting with the flemish or venetian technique helps to understand the process the masters employed in their practice.
ACAD came in a filmed a bit of the class. I thought I snapped more pictures for this blog myself but my gear has been acting up. Luckily his wasn't, so stay tooned, there will be more to come!

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