October 31, 2013


I drew this last night. It is my special project for the upcoming House Gallery "Bacon - The king of cured meats" exhibition.  I was a vegetarian for over 8 years, then one birthday I caved and tried some home made bacon, that was it for me no more veggie. Damn you bacon!!!
What better than combining my favourite things?! I sketched up some star wars on a canvas I had eagerly awaiting art making in my studio.
I boldly go in with my Copic multi-liner Brush pen where no rookie has gone before. Look at that cute little Ewok hiding behind chewy's leg.
You know what this needs………. a decapitated storm trooper helmet!
A bit more inking and the addition of a shield satellite and a Death Star.
Inking complete, next step adding colour.

This piece will be on exhibition at House Gallery.
Saturday November 16.
2607 35 St SW, Calgary, AB

I guarantee it will be auctioned off at the show, so if you want it you will need to go to the show and place a bid, otherwise somebody else will win this epic fan art piece and just in time for the holidays.

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Emmeline said...

I would offer to put you through school while you finished your MFA, but that would probably involve marrying me as well. We wouldn't wanna do that, would we? It was nice knowing you, Brian.