October 22, 2013

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

It certainly was nice out.  It was also the day voters were out and about walking to the voting station. I had many people stop by and talk to me while I got the tiniest bit of sun painting the Ramsay mural on the side of my neighbors garage.
This is the lettering I drew in my sketchbook for the design and took a photo of to get it into the computer to help me get it up on the wall quickly.

This is where we left off previously. My neighbor got into his coveralls and began blocking in the taped off lettering.
Most of the bold black shadow was filled in, in the bulky areas with a 1 inch painters brush. He eagerly awaits me to come finish the piece. Alas, I had to recover in bed licking my wounds and then it was wet and rainy the day I was supposed to finish up.
The next morning, after breakfast at Reds and being one of the first people to Vote in Ramsay that morning.......... I got out my lettering brushes and began fixing up the details and outlining the letters so they would pop more. It was tedious with the quality of paint we were using, but it is water soluble and not sticky enamel that is a pain to clean up and hazardous to ones health. But man, my one shot black lettering paint is way more velvety than this water based product. Difference in price was $11 in favor of the more health conscious variety.
I got down to it at about 11 and I finished around 6. I ended up outlining the lower letters in white and managed to snap a picture with me in it while the sun was still up.
I did some more details by adding darts to the lower letters but the sun was quickly falling and it is time to call it a night. Pack up my gear and clean up my brushes and gander on with a job well done.

Next step is to clear coat it with a satin or mat finish to unify the entire piece and protect it in the off chance it gets damaged or vandalized in the months and years to come.


Kayleigh said...

Nice mural. You should do more. You inspire me to be a better artist. I didn't vote. I have midterms this week, among other things. I like Nenshi though. He talked to me several times when I was frustrated about my career going nowhere, and he is good at crisis management. I can understand why he is so popular. Someone who went to the Illustration Academy told me that when we're stressed we should do art, specifically drawing. Need to do some cramming. Have a good semester.

bunny babe said...

I love you Brian. You're my angel.