October 27, 2013

Exquisite corpse - teen cartooning class

I love my Saturdays now that I have to be responsible Friday night in order to be up early in the morning Saturday to teach two classes at ACAD. This week, in my Adult Drawing class, we worked on proportions while drawing a still life.
 We set up two lights and a bunch of stuff from ACAD's still life room.
 I also brought my guitar, banjo, a cow skull and a few other items to add to the collection.
The students did a very good job sketching the objects into space in the proper proportions.
After lunch, I teach a teen cartooning course at ACAD. One of the days activities was my favourite surrealist drawing game the Exquisite corpse. To do this a piece of paper is folded up and passed around so that each panel can't be seen by one another. I gave each student 15 min. to draw the head, body and lower half of a body. Here is what they came up with in the time given.

There are some really good and sometimes funny creative solutions.  A few looked like they were thematic or stylistically planned out, and yet nobody knew what anyone else was drawing. Cool, eh?!

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Francesca said...

I'm at another college now. For some reason, I still think of you now and then. I also turned down an offer to be the Sunshine Girl. You're the only artist I would consider posing for. Going to see Justin Trudeau again & I've got 5 books to finish. P.S. Banksy is an idiot, but what can you expect from a street artist?