February 28, 2013

That is what I was thinking...

This is Lindsay Sorrel, another artist working in one of the plus+15 windows during this CAOS project. I decided to update some of my website, I put a new cover image and a news item for the NUDE drawing show I am in this week-end. Brianbatista.com
I finished all the horse model shots so now he is in the last frame position and back in the window until the end of the month. We had to use a larger part of the day yesterday shooting some segments for the crowd sourcing project for matching funds on Calgary YYC. Visit and share this page: http://www.investyyc.com/projects/view/71
Inside my tiny space I set up this little area in front of the green screen to do the interview. The video will be posted on the above linked page. I did 50 other things from reporting and doing the paperwork necessary for this project to getting supplies and teaching canvas building and prep drawing to aboriginal youth as part of an after school program I am doing with USAY (Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth).
Far from burning out, I am excited to be starting in on an entirely new scenes this morning.  Before I do, I can revel in the sheer amount of accomplishments I achieved yesterday while I warm up my creative engines.

Thanks for reading and following me on this journey.

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