February 27, 2013

Sneak peek - Toward Post production

You can get a sneak peek and even get a credit in my movie. Here's how....
Here is a quickly chroma keyed horse. I need to hand erase the posts in each and every frame then drop in my background effects, do editing and sound on my piece. If you read an earlier post you will have seen a bit of what I'm up to with backgrounds and special effects, this thing is going to be a monster in the edit suite. Come down and visit me in the UAS +15 Window Gallery and see how my stop-motion animation is made!

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More reason to support "In the Beginning...."

Calgary YYC will match funds we raise for the project, if you donate on our crown sourcing site you will not only help me to get my post production done, but you will also support three other great animation by 3 more artists.

Get your name as a credit for your support on my film here.

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