August 25, 2015

IV on the Ramsay Mural

Its been a lot cooler out, which is really helping with the application of paint. The pigments are covering with fewer layers because it is coming out of the can thicker.
I also brought up a camping chair for the lower bits so I don't have to kneel on the gravel. Unfortunately, it broke within the first hour of using it.
I'm adding pink and purple which is getting me closer to finishing off the pattern in many of the letters.
The remaining white areas will eventually be filled in with blue, a different blue than the background.
My buddy wandered up and reapplied some of the orange he painted to make it less streaky and transparent. It was a super hot day that day and the paint was coming out of the can as thin as ink.
The letters are shaping up. Once they are filled in I will go back and retouch the black outline.

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Anonymous said...

Took a close up look at your great work last night when checking out my ex-garden (August 25th) and loved it. Much better than the urinal it used to be, ha ha. Thanks for happy-ing up our 'hood. DALLAS COOPER